Reviews of MORE

“The strongest testimonies are seldom built through ease and comfort.  In writing More: A Memoir, Monique Berish has told a necessary story of the stony path.  Of blisters, and bruised and bloodied knees.  Of falling down, and picking oneself back up again. Pushing inexorably toward that invisible light of the heart. Knowing that a truth awaits, and that redemption is not reserved solely for whose who meticulously keep their feet washed and unsoiled from cradle to grave. Rather, this knowledge of Christ and His plan is an earned commodity. Won through trial, hardship, despair, and an ultimate refusal to let the cuts and wounds of life drag one’s spirit down into darkness.

Many Latter-Day Saints put a premium on the appearance of cozy perfection. But as even the Church Presidency has said, this appearance belies the agony, struggles, and tough victories which make up a Latter-day Saint’s true experience.  I heartily recommend Monique’s tale. For everyone wondering if God and Christ can still love us, even when we’re far from perfect.”

~ Brad R. Torgersen, award-winning author of The Chaplain’s War

“Gritty and candid, warmed by humor and hope, Monique’s journey from dark dysfunction into the faith-filled light of healing will captivate readers.”
~ Stephanie Black, 4-time Whitney Award winner

Raw and gripping. Monique’s wrenching journey through neglect, abuse, and
self-destructive behavior grabbed me by the throat. An un-put-downable read.
~ Jennifer Griffith, Deseret Book best-selling author

MORE is a compelling look at courage, resilience, and hope. Monique’s honest and matter-of-fact storytelling drew me into a world of dysfunction and loneliness, and showed me the saving power the gospel of Jesus Christ can have in a heart that longs for more.
~ Michelle Wilson, Best-selling author, LDS Living Contributor

“Monique’s life story is at once unflinchingly raw and beautifully honest. But above all, hers is a story of redemption that will strike resonate chords with anyone, regardless of their personal circumstances. Monique’s journey is evidence that God is mindful of every individual, and that He cares less about who you were or where you came from, and far more about who you are becoming.”

~Dennis Gaunt, Author of Bad Guys of The Book of Mormon

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